The Proximity IED is an improvised explosive that will detonate when it detects movement.
―In-game description.

The Proximity IED is an explosive crafted items that appear in Watch_Dogs.


IEDs are highly damaging explosive devices that can be crafted at any time and anywhere by Aiden when he purchases or picks up crafting components.

As opposed to remote controlled devices, IEDs are promixity-triggered. They are comprised of three cylinders of explosives with an old cell/mobile phone taped onto it. There is a small red light attached to the device to help mark it when actively placed. The HUD icon however shows a much smaller IED, despite both use the same model.

In order to craft a single Proximity IED, Aiden must have one electronic part and one Unstable Chemical Component. These can be constructed on any spot at any time, once the matching skill has been unlocked.


The Proximity IED will trigger once anyone (including Aiden) approaches it. Once someone approaches, the device will beep and explode in a second, dealing damage to anybody nearby, including vehicles. The device is very useful to be planted on an Enforcer's way, damaging him and allowing the player to finish him off. The Proximity IED is also very useful to take vehicles down by setting one on the road, particularly during Criminal Convoys, as any vehicle driving over will be instantly destroyed and anyone inside will be killed.


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