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Side Mission
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
Followers gained 27,000
Primary target ProviBlue Bank
Hostiles Umeni

For the bank, see ProviBlue Bank.

ProviBlues is a Side Operation in Watch Dogs 2.


Word Up

  • Objective: Get a ProviBlue Bank employee's password
  • Brief: Something's suspicious about ProviBlue's billing. Gaining access to the ProviBlue server will help us figure this out.

Risk Clause

  • Objective: Hack into the ProviBlue server
  • Brief: ProviBlue is using a "risk clause" to jack up their rates. Sometimes risks don't pay off.


  • Objective: Get the limo's GPS routes; Approach the CFO; Download the CFO's data; Approach the CEO; Download the CEO's data; Escape
  • Brief: All the bullshit ProviBlue is pulling comes directly from their CFO and CEO. They need to pay.

Audio File and Intercepted Text

The Audio File is heard when the player hacks James Dorman during Word Up to try to get his password.

Intercepted Audio

Bob - "The allegations were substanciated, Jim. You've been snooping in the employees' private stuff."

James - "Oh, come on! That's only quasi-private!"

Bob - "We hold the IT team to a high standard. I mean, you got Tina's private number and started calling her. That's not okay."

James - "It was a harmless flirtation! Come on, Bob, let me just..."

Bob - "Sorry, Jim. The decision's been taken. Your access card has been cancelled as well as all your Proviblue passwords and gym privileges. HR will send you your personal items from your desk."

James - "Fuck."

The text appears when the player hacks Sherri Ross to get her password, during Word Up:

Intercepted Text

Unknown - "Hey Sherri. U forgot to save those changes"

Sherry - "Crap"

Unknown - "Can you log in and do that"

Sherri - "No remote access for that DB"

Unknown - "We R f@kt!"

Sherri - "Log in as me. Psswrd is HOT@zzGrl"

Unknown - "I could've guessed that!"