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ProviBlue Bank

A branch of ProviBlue Bank in The Loop.

For the side mission in Watch Dogs 2, see ProviBlues.

ProviBlue Bank is a banking corporation that appears in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


The business offers the usual financial services and has banks located in Chicago and San Francisco. They also have many ATMs, dotted around the cities as well. Along with physical banking services, the bank also has online services which ordinary customers can use for daily banking.

Online activity linked to the company is vulnerable to attack from highly-capable smartphone apps. Once details have been obtained during a data exchange, an account can be hacked by the player at a nearby ATM, allowing them to withdraw funds. Convoy trucks with the ProviBlue logo can be seen on the streets as well.


Main article: ProviBlues

In Watch Dogs 2, during the side mission ProviBlues, DedSec finds out that ProviBlue is tampering with their rates. After hacking two employees looking for a password, Marcus installs a virus on the VP's computer and discovers that ProviBlue is monitoring their clients, increasing the rates each time they engage in a "risky" action (drinking alcohol, eating fast-food). After finding out the GPS routes of the CFO and the CEO of the bank, Marcus downloads the data from each of them and reverses the rating system.