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The Profiler is a tool that Aiden Pearce has at his disposal, which allows him to gain access to anyone's personal information and hack anything connected to Chicago's CtOS. New side missions can be opened up via the Profiler.


The Profiler can hold up to eight abilities on the wheel menu. Each ability has their own roles to fulfill. Only one ability can be selected and used at a time.

Each ability has a specific cost of the Profiler's battery, meaning that the hacking abilities cannot be overused without waiting for the battery to reload once it is empty. Also, most abilities approximately require two seconds for the hacking to take effect.

This is a list of all active abilities in the game:

  • Signal Jamming – Disables all communications within a certain radius.
  • Lift – Forces bridges/street barriers to lift or close.
  • Traffic Lights Control – Manipulates traffic lights.
  • Train Control – Controls subway trains.
  • Rupture Pipe- Causes pipe boxes to explode, slowing down anyone caught in the damage as a result.
  • Blackout - Causes the entire city to blackout. 
  • Hijack Digital Billboard - Allows you to possibly type what you want to show. (Possible active ability)
  • Camera control - Allows you to view what the camera see.

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Another capability of the Profiler is the ability to execute hacks that does not require an active ability. These types of abilities are called passives. They do not require any battery points and can be executed with a push of a button.

One example of a passive ability is the Telephone Tapping, the ability to listen on phone conversations to gain intel. Another example of a passive ability is that bank accounts can be hacked. If someone is using a bank feature when highlighted, it can be acquired to gain account information. Money can then be taken from an ATM once bank account details have been obtained. Additionally license plate information can be stolen and later sold to under ground car dealers whom will allow you to call a car to you in the world.

It also possess a in-game social network, one such app is Talk Feed, which hooks you into the mindset of the population. Another app being City Hotspot, which lets you find useful locations or safehouses. Finally there is an underground program called Survival Guide which gives the player insight on hacking targets and useful items.

In an interview by Gamespot, it was said that the abilities of the Profiler will increase throughout the game, starting with only small abilities, such as Signal Jamming, to end with bigger ones. It was also said that the level city control shown in the trailer is about mid/end game level. City control will increase each time the player hacks a local ctOS terminal, gaining total control.


  • The physical appearance of the Profiler resembles that of a samsung galaxy but the display resembles that of an iphone.
  • When Aiden Pearce answers a phone call he will put the profiler to the side of his head to talk and listen, however when his is telephone tapping he does not have to put the profiler to his ear to listen.




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