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Prime Eight
Prime Eight
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
Located in Marin, San Francisco, Silicon Valley
Leader Lenora Kastner
Type Hacker group
Enemies DedSec, Police
Vehicles Landrock Van 1500
Businesses Hacking, data selling

Prime_Eight is a hacker group active during the events of Watch Dogs 2.


Prime_Eight is led by Lenni, and are the rival hacker group to DedSec, whom DedSec is trying to take down. They are amoral mercenaries (comparable to the Fixers in the first Watch Dogs) who sell data and exploits to anyone who can pay them.


Prime_Eight is a loose collection of hackers brought together under Lenora Kastner. Their original mandate was to undermine and damage Stanford, but that quickly evolved to attacking Silicon Valley for the way they treated their programmers. Lenora took a page from the Suicide Club, the anarchist society that pranked San Francisco, but with a more dangerous mind-set and bullying attitude. Note that this group has only a limited number of members actively engaging in physical violence; security is hired out to other factions.

Missions Appearances

Main Missions:

Side Operations:

Crime Hunts:

  • DedSec Event: Hack The Hacker
  • DedSec Event: The Hunt
  • DedSec Event: The Persecution



  • Prime_Eight is a play on the word "primate."
  • In multiplayer, opposing players are said to be agents of Prime_Eight, similar to the first game, where opposing players are said to be fixers.
  • In online co-op missions, Prime_Eight Jammers will be listed as members of Umeni when profiled, despite the obvious P8 logo on their armor. This may be due to them hacking CTOS 2.0, or it may be just a developer oversight.

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