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The Prescott area of Oakland, also known as Lower Bottoms, has a history of higher rates of crime, gang activity, and poverty. It's currently going through the beginnings of gentrification.
―In-game description.

Prescott is a World Location in Watch Dogs 2, based on the real-life Prescott, Oakland.


Prescott is located in northern Oakland. It is north of Oakland City Hall and east of 16th Street Station.


Prescott is a small low-income neighborhood. With 4 restricted areas, the neighborhood is full of graffiti, boarded houses and escorts. Many of the residents are African-Ameican, possibly a result of the flawed profiling system in which Blume and the Oakland PD have crafted. It also has a pawn shop.


  • Money bag in restricted area on dirt road underneath pavilion
  • Money bag inside restricted area with housing on second floor
  • Key Data for Fast Trigger Finger inside restricted area in the middle of Prescott surrounded by homes