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Police Cruiser Edit

Police Force Edit

There Are Many Police Vehicles That The Chicago Police Department Can Pursue You With. The Most Basic One Is Known As The "Police Cruiser".

Police Cavale ( Patrol Car ) Edit

The Police Cavale Is A Simple Police Car With The Standard Paint And Livery, That Says, CITY OF CHICAGO Police Services. The Police Cavale Is Used By The Standard Officers To Attempt To Stop You. It Rarely Spawns At The Police Station. The Vehicle Is Dispatched At Any Level Of Heat.

Police Sonarus LX ( High Speed Patrol Car ) Edit

The Police Sonarus LX Is A Interceptor Used By The Chicago Police Department To Stop You. The Standard Paint And Livery Saying, CITY OF CHICAGO Police Services. It Is Used To Stop You At Or Above 2 Levels Of Heat. This Is Very Common To Spawn At The Police Station.

Police SUV ( Patrol SUV ) Edit

The Patrol SUV Will Ram You During A Police Pursuit. Spawns In At Or Above 3 Levels Of Heat.Is Usually Armed With 2 Cops And They Typically Have Shotguns. They Will Corner You And Force You On Foot. The Standard Livery And Paint Comes With It. The Car Is Very Similar To The Chicago S.W.A.T. SUV, But The Paint And Livery Is Different. They Have 2 Cops In Them And Are Armed With Shotguns. This Commonly Spawns At The Police Station.

Chicago S.W.A.T. SUV ( Patrol Van ) Edit

This Is A Armoured SUV Used By The City Of Chicago S.W.A.T. Services. It Pursues You If You Have 4 Or 5 Stars. This Vehicle Never Spawns Except In Pursuits. The SUV Has 2 Armoured S.W.A.T. Officers And Has 1 Enforcer With A Machine Gun. They Are Hard To Take Down Without Explosives. The Livery Is Different, And So Is The Paint. The Car Is Black With A Gray Livery Stripe, And Says City Of Chicago S.W.A.T. SERVICES.

Police Vessal ( Metropolitan Police Cruiser ) Edit

The Police Vessel Never Pursues You, But Very Commonly Spawns At The Police Station. It Has Standerd Livery And Paint.

Glitches Edit

1: The SWAT SUV Will Say Police Services Instead Of SWAT Services. 2: There Will Be Not Cavale. 3: Only Sonarus LX Interceptors Will Spawn At The Police Station.

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