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The Point Bonita Lighthouse stands in the Marin Headlands, providing guidance for ships in the San Francisco Bay. It was the first lighthouse to have a fog signal and the last manned lighthouse in California.
―In-game description

Point Bonita Lighthouse is a World Location in Watch Dogs 2.


Point Bonita Lighthouse is on the far northwest of the map in Marin. It is located west of Kirby Cove and can be accessed either by road or by boat. It is based on the real-life Point Bonita Lighthouse.


Point Bonita Lighthouse sits upon a high cliff on the edge of map. It can be accessed by a wooden bridge leading from the parking lot, over the cliffs to the buildings. There is also a cliffside path leading from the water up to the lighthouse that can be walked upon.


  • 1 paint job on the lighthouse roof, at the bottom of the tower.
  • 1 ScoutX location.
  • 1 Research Point on the smaller building next to the lighthouse itself.