Slot Close-quarter
Weapon Type Burst-Fire Shotgun
Weapon Rating Star Star Star Star Star Shaded
Damage High
Fire Rate High
Range Low
Stability Low
Reload Speed Fast (per shell)
Ammo Capacity 6|120
Price Free (Drinking minigame reward)
Appears in Watch Dogs
This big bad shotgun delivers more pellets per round than you will find anywhere else.
―In-game Description

The Piledriver is a firearm that appears in Watch Dogs.


It's a shotgun that appears to be based on the SG-90 (therefore resembling a Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser), but it inflicts much more damage, it has a higher rate of fire (due to the 3-round burst) and holds 6 rounds instead of 8. The gun also appears to have a brown camouflage paintjob. Unlike its counterpart, it is stated to have a folding stock, though both have the same stock in-game.


Because of the large spread of pellets, this gun is ideal for disabling vehicles, as it is very likely to hit the tires. Combined with focus, this makes a deadly vehicle-disarming weapon as one can precisely place shots near the vital parts of the car. Because of this large spread, there is also a chance the shot may kill the targets. It is also more effective against Enforcers and Elites because of its high rate of fire and damage.


  • SG-90 (Standard)
  • Piledriver (Brown Camouflage and Burst Fire)


  • It can be obtained by completing Level 5 in the Drinking minigame.


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