Logo of the business on a shop window

Pharmingtons is a pharmacy that has shops located in Chicago and San Francisco.


The shops distribute prescription drugs and medicines as well as standard cosmetic items. A number of their stores can be found on various high streets. Each pharmacy is represented on the mini-map by a marker with the medical symbol that resembles a pill. Pharmingtons stores are inaccessible in Watch Dogs 2.

At Pharmingtons, players can purchase Meds [Medicine] which can be used to craft Focus Boost.


The company uses tall, thin posters which include the phrase "We know how to care" on them. In addition to the phrase, the company emblem is present. In order to attract attention, the background color to the ads are bright green, which is also one of the company's logo colors.

Store Locations



  • Pharmingtons is made to represent a small franchise of pharmacies, like apothecaries, not big corporations like Rite Aid or Walgreens.
  • Every borough of Chicago has at least one Pharmingtons except The Wards.

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