Pawnee CTOS Control Center
CTOS Control Center Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 2, Mission 15 1/2
Unlocked by completing Way Off the Grid
Unlocks Hope is a Sad Thing

Pawnee CTOS Control Center is a CTOS Control Center mission in Watch Dogs. It is technically the 30th-and-a-half mission of Watch Dogs, and the 15th-and-a-half mission of Act II.


As the title suggests, the mission involves Aiden Pearce hacking into a CTOS Control Center to gain access to the CTOS in the Pawnee district of Chicago. Unlike the other three CTOS Control Centers, this Control Center is located on an island within the lake in Pawnee, requiring a boat or swimming to reach it. This can make it slightly more difficult to get there undetected than with other Control Centers.  This is the last of the CTOS control center missions.

Mission objectives

  • Locate the guard with the access code.
  • Hack the CTOS server.
  • Leave the area.


  • There are two guards with fixed profiles, though their incomes are still randomized:
    • The guard with the server access code: Bobby Ames, Hobbyist Helicopter Pilot, Occupation: Chief Security Contractor.
      • This is the same profile as the guard with the server code in Backstage Pass.
    • The guard with the hidden camera by the server box: Stephen Fedder, Suffers from kidney stones, Occupation: Blume Security Contractor.