Pawned Off

Aiden visiting Pawned Off

Pawned Off is a business in Watch Dogs where several crafting components can be bought and found valuables (rings, etc) can be sold for money.

Items sold:


The shop features the slogan; "Will accept anything. Will pay fair $".

The shop serves as a place where the player can increase their cash by selling looted items to the store. Players will be able to sell any items in their inventory to the shop and be paid for doing so. Players can also purchase items that would not be found in weapons stores, pharmacies or cafes/ bars, such as Hardware, or other crafting components.


  • In the Wards district.
  • While shopping there's also a button (Lt on Xbox 360), that you can press to threaten the shop owner. There is an option to "rob" or "steal" the cash register, too. If they see you as a Wanted criminal on the TV, the owner will press the silent alarm, kicking you off the shopping menu (for obvious reasons). 

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