Papavero Logo
For the car of the same name, see Papavero.

Papavero is an automobile manufacturer featured in Watch Dogs.


The manufacturer has a yellow emblem and the name of one liar to Papaver; a genus of frost-resistant plants. The only vehicle manufactured is the car of the same name.


Image Vehicle Style Based On Notes
Papavero Sports car Artega GT
McLaren MP4-12C
Papavero Stealth Edition
Papavero Stealth Edition Sports car Based on the Papavero Stealth capabilities.


  • Papavero's beta logo is very similar to that of Lamborghini. This could be a reason as to why it was changed.
  • "Papavero" means "poppy" in italian.
  • The manufacturer also appears in Ghost Recon Wildlands, another Ubisoft game. Their vehicle, the Daqavero, is another supercar with strong inspirations from modern Italian hypercars.

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