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"Palo Alto is at the heart of Silicon Valley. It's an affluent area with housing prices easily over the million mark. It's also the home of Stanford University."
―In-game description

Palo Alto is a World Location featured in Watch Dogs 2.


Palo Alto is located in western Silicon Valley. It is west of Stanford University and south of El Camino Rail Station.


Palo Alto is a large commercial and residential area filled with shops and parks. It serves an area for the students of Stanford University to go.


  • 1 Pawn Shop south of the location.
  • 1 Axle Boardshop to the north of the location (Clothing Store).
  • 1 Brewed Delight west of the location (Coffee Shop).
  • 1 Le Potager east of the location. (Restaurant).
  • 1 Auto Elite northwest of the location. (Car Dealership).


  • 1 Money Bag on roof of Pawn Shop.
  • 1 Money Bag inside air duct of roof of smallest building near Brewed Delight Coffee.
  • 1 Money Bag roof of building next to Brewed Delight Coffee.
  • 1 Money Bag behind Pharmingtons, south of Auto Elite, in between crate.
  • 1 Money Bag inside alley south of Axle Boardshop.
  • 1 Key Data; Enhanced Spring, top of main building, unlocked by Closed Circuit Terminal.
  • 1 Research Point on roof pavilion left of main building closest to intersection, unlocked by Closed Circuit Terminal
  • 1 Research Point closest to on building on the western cutoff of Stanford University, on a table right of the second floor.


  • This location is based on the real life Palo Alto.
  • On the roof of the building near Brewed Delight Coffee, a man can be found who appeared to be shot to death near the bag of money. Marcus cannot profile him and his death goes unanswered.

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