The Palace Pack is a special limited edition bundle of Watch Dogs obtained by pre-ordering the game from the Ubisoft website. It contains special boosts and an early access to a DLC. It can also be obtained by purchasing the "Access Granted Pack" DLC which contains all of the pre-order bonuses.


Watch Dogs Palace Pack

A police raid is planned on the luxury palace of an Internet mogul. His impressive databanks have intimate details on thousands of people, including Aiden Pearce. Break inside, wipe the hard drives, and escape before the raid begins.

The Palace Pack includes:

  • The Palace - An exclusive contract, Aiden must infiltrate Danny SoSueMe's mansion to wipe his server and take down SoSueMe himself.
  • Black Market Hard Drives Investigation - A bonus investigation series accessible after completing The Palace, SoSueMe has sold stolen hard drives containing sensitive information to buyers across Chicago and Aiden must track down all ten to finally ensure his secrets are protected.
  • ATM Hack Boost - Boost your cash rewards when hacking ATMs.



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