Paint Job
Side Mission
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
Unlocked by Cyberdriver
Followers gained 196,200

Paint Job is a Side Operation in Watch Dogs 2.



Marcus meets Sitara on a rooftop opposite Pier 39. Sitara explains how she first got into street art with a group of other artists, who she left when it became clear they were more interested in selling T-shirts than making statements. She then challenges Marcus to graffiti the Driver SF billboard on the rooftop.

First Steps

Marcus tags three more high points throughout San Francisco; a wall above the fishnet legs south of Golden Gate Park, a Nudle billboard opposite the Nudle campus, and a wall on the Kodaprint building near Galilei.

Making the Mark

Marcus tags five more high points in San Francisco; a billboard in Palo Alto, the wall of a high-rise near the Haum Data Center, the windows of the Oakland Tower, the wall of a building near Jack London Square, and a beer billboard on a building along Lombard Street.

Paint Job Tag 1
Golden Gate Tag
Paint Job Tag 3

Master Class

Marcus tags four more high points; the wall of a church near Coit Tower, a Mark Thruss billboard near Wrench's garage, and the walls of a mall and construction site in Oakland.

Yeah, Right

Marcus finishes by tagging the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sitara is very impressed by this and the exposure Dedsec has gotten, saying that "the student has become the master".



  • Objective: Meet Sitara on the roof near Pier 39; Apply graffiti
  • Brief: Feel like you're up for a challenge? Try out this bit of real estate.

First Steps

  • Objective: Tag the first set of high points [0/3]
  • Brief: You don't need handholding do you? Go tag something!

Making the Mark

  • Objective: Tag the second set of high points [0/5]
  • Brief: Looks like you're ready to up your game. Up for some tricky tags?.

Master Class

  • Objective: Tag the third set of high points [0/4]
  • Brief: Now that you're in the zone, think you can handle the Bay Area's toughest tags?

Yeah, Right

  • Objective: Reach the Golden Gate Bridge; Tag the Golden Gate Bridge [0/4]
  • Brief: Haven't you always wanted to drop some art on the Golden Gate Bridge? Well? What are you waiting for?

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