Pablo "The Skinner" Cortés
Full name Pablo Cortés
Status Deceased
Died 2016
Affiliation(s) Tezcas
Profession Gang leader
Appears in Watch Dogs 2
First appeared Eye For An Eye
Last appeared Eye For An Eye
Pablo "The Skinner" Cortés is a character and minor antagonist in Watch Dogs 2. He is the gang leader of the Tezcas.

Events of Watch Dogs 2

Pablo sent Luis Travino, Tina Huerta and Jorge Guttiérez to kidnap Horatio Carlin and bring him to a house in Woodland. He intended to torture him to obtain the names of the other DedSec members, but Horatio attacked him and Tina stabbed him, fatally injuring him. Because of this Marcus, with the help of the other members of DedSec, infiltrates a Tezcas hangout nearby and downloads information on them, followed by burning their marijuana greenhouse plantation.

With the intel gathered by a DedSec member, he then proceeds to destroy four crates of cocaine in the M.R.C. Richmond ship belonging to the gang to send a message. Next, he neutralizes Luis, Tina and Jorge back in Woodland. Finally, Marcus goes to Oakland's Chinatown (in the Pacific Renaissance Plaza) and meets another DedsSec member who tells him to infiltrate the dog fighting arena, located underneath a restaurant, where Pablo is hosting the fights. Marcus succeeds in doing this and manages to avenge Hoatio's death, neutralizing Pablo.


Pablo is an overconfident and proud leader, but still manages to keep his gang in order. It is implied he enjoys the torture he inflicts on his victims, making him a fearless sadist. According to an e-mail he sends to Tina Huerta, he trusts her the most among his lieutenants and thinks Luis and Jorge are stupid.


Pablo is a Latin American male with a shaved head and body full of tattoos.

Mission Appearances


There are two e-mails associated with Pablo Cortés wich can both be found during the Eye For An Eye mission:

  • The first is accessed through hacking a laptop on the first floor of the building in the area where the player neutralizes the three lieutenants, in Woodland.
  • The second is also found in a laptop. It is located in the back room of the dog fighting arena, where Pablo roams around if the Tezcas are not alerted.

E-mail #1

To: Huerta, Tina

From: Pablo

"Huerta. I'm giving this mission to you. The others are too stupid. Whatever else we do to these DedSec fuckers, make sure you track their families and inflict MAXIMUM PAIN."

E-mail #2

To: Pablo Cortés

From: Ben Travers, CPA

"Mr Cortés,

As per your request, I have consolidated your funds into an especially secured account: YCS9983344. It is protected with the latest safeguards. Contact me if you need any information.

Yours, Ben"


  • His profile lists as relevant information: AKA "the Skinner"; Tezcas Gang Boss; Income $175,000.

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