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Tezcas Grenadierscreenshot
Slot Secondary
Weapon Type Grenade Launcher
Damage High
Range Low
Stability High
Reload Speed Medium
Ammo Capacity 6|8
Appears in Watch Dogs 2

The PML-6 is a weapon in Watch Dogs 2, added in the T-Bone Content Bundle.


The PML-6 is a grenade launcher used by the Grenadiers, added in the T-Bone Content Bundle. While similar to the CTRL-ALT-DEL Launcher, it doesn't explode on contact. The PML-6 can be bought in any of the hackerspaces, or picked up from a defeated Grenadier.


Due to its 6 round magazine, it is somewhat on par with the GL-94. It has a moderate reload time, similar to many sniper rifles. Like other grenade launchers, it is extremely powerful, killing enemies quickly, but is not to be used in stealthy situations, as the player will be detected.


  • Built with a 3D Printer.
  • Looted off a dead grenadier.


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