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"Out of the Woodwork" is a Gang Hideout side mission available in Watch Dogs.


  • The guards with the hidden cameras have fixed profiles:
    • The guard patrolling between the stacks of lumber and the conveyor: Galtero Blanco, Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Occupation: Laundry Manager.
      • This is the same profile as the camera guard in No Parking.
    • The guards that arrive with the reinforcements:
      • Chaz Barker, Questioned for suspicious mail, Occupation: Pawnee Militia Contractor.
      • Drew Boswell, Survivalist, Occupation: Pawnee Militia Contractor.
    • These are the same profiles on the camera guards in Burning Bridges and Beached.

Video Gameplay

Watch Dogs Walkthrough - Part 159 - Gang Hideout (Out Of Woodwork)03:24

Watch Dogs Walkthrough - Part 159 - Gang Hideout (Out Of Woodwork)

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