Online Race is an Online Contract in Watch Dogs.


Each player must compete against a maximum of 3 players in a race across Chicago and Pawnee. There are currently 2 types of races:

  • Lap-type race: The classic race where the player must lap a circuit in the shortest amount of time. Depending of the length of the race, there are normally 2-3 laps.
  • A-to-B race: A slight variation where the player must reach to the finish through a single road.

Players must past checkpoints and while racing, one can hack steam pipes, blockers and spikes. Also, the player can take different paths to reach the finish line and a blue GPS line to direct to the next checkpoint.

Each player has a nitro reserve to be used, and allows the vehicle to catch speed quickly, but it results in a poor vehicle control. Therefore, the Nitro must be used on straight roads. Note that if the player is at second place or worse, he/she can receive another Nitro in a checkpoint (labeled "Nitro").

Once the first player reaches to the finish, it will start a 1-minute countdown to allow other players to reach the finish. If the player reaches, then the race is "completed". If the player fails, then it's considered as DNF or "Not completed".


The winner will likely receive points, while the others will lose points (which varies depending of the place; second place will lose less points). Then a votation system appears on-screen on either: start another race, repeat the race or start a random race. At this point, players are able to do whatever they want, but they're immune to weapon's damage. In this point, other players (if there are less than 4 players) will join and will be send in different places of the city (i.e. a player will be send to Brandon Docks while others are in Pawnee).


  • Completing 9 races unlocks the Livraga LE at the Car On Demand app.
  • Completing 10 races unlocks a trophy: Superhighway.

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