Online Hacking is an Online Contract available in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.


This mode can be accessed through the Online Contract app on your phone or finding a contract using the profiler. In the original Watch Dogs, the player is introduced to online hacking as they get hacked by an computer controlled fixer before they start the mission Backseat Driver. When the player invades someone else's game, they will appear in the form of a random citizen in the other player's game (in their game they will still be Aiden) and have the goal to install a backdoor into their victim and steal data from them. The player should not kill the victim (the other player) or else all data will be lost. If the player is being hacked themselves, they will be notified that an enemy fixer (other player) is hacking them as soon as they install a backdoor. The player will then have a few minutes to find the fixer and kill them.


When invading

  • Try to find a car (facing away from them helps) and hide in it. Try your best to park it like all of the other cars and try to aim for a carpark so they would have to check multiple cars, often leading to them missing you.
  • Hold the walk button (Alt on PC) while moving on foot and try to move like a NPC. Keep in a straight line while in sight.

While being invaded

  • Shoot your gun in the air. This will make any NPC flee and makes it easier to spot the fixer. Be wary though as this usually alerts the police.
  • Check every parked car, alleyway and any rooftops you can. Usually fixers love to hide here as fresh players would only check NPC walking around.

Getting invaded

You can be hacked at any point of time while in-game unless you are in a mission or in an online contract yourself. Note that having a crime location near you also counts as a mission and prevents players from invading you.

If an invasion has already started, then opening the map or menu won't pause the game. This can be used to detect invasions before you are alerted. Particularly, when driving during a starting invasion, pausing the game will cause your vehicle to stop immediately.

There are some triggers that significantly increase the chances of getting invaded by another player:

  • Bounty Added notice small
    Bounty: When you hack a Blume affiliate NPC and let them finish the call, they may place a bounty on you. Besides increasing the chances of being invaded, the bounty also increases notoriety earned for the hacker by 20 points. If you invade another player with a bounty, you will get a message saying "Target has a bounty".
  • Retaliation: After you successfully complete online hacking against some other player, if you are still available a few minutes later (see above), then they often get a choice to retaliate against you.
  • [Needs to be researched: Does negative reputation also affect invasions?]


  • (Tested on PC) Sometimes when hacking another persons game, they may appear invisible and their beacon would be flying everywhere. This may be because of a bad connection and usually dissconnecting their game and retrying would solve this issue.

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