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Ocean Beach is right next to Golden Gate Park. The water is known for having strong currents, which makes it popular with surfers and quite dangerous for swimmers. The water is generally cold and the weather is often inclement.
―In-game description.

Ocean Beach is a World Location featured in Watch Dogs 2.


Ocean Beach is located in western San Francisco. It in south of Cliff House and north of New Dawn Facility.


Ocean Beach is a small beach overlooking the city of San Francisco. As the beach is very steep, stairs lead down to the ocean. The beach is very dirty, with branches and trash seen around the sand. A small pavilion provides beach goers binoculars for the ocean. Ocean Beach is not very active, but reaches a high in activity during the afternoon. Many seagulls can also be seen frequenting the park.


  • 1 Paint Job underneath pavilion.


  • This location is based off the real life Ocean Beach.