Beatniks Staduim

View of the stadium, looking northwest.

Not to be confused with May Stadium.

Nudle Park is a World Location in Watch Dogs 2.


Nudle Park is in San Francisco, to the east of South Park and north of Bayview Rise.


Nudle Park is a baseball park sponsored by Nudle, hence its name. It is home to the Beatniks baseball team, based on the Giants. While a door entrance is not provided, it is possible to access the park by hacking a nearby scissor lift, then getting on a motorcycle and driving onto a pavilion. After doing so the player may run freely around the field, as it is not a restricted area. The back of the park holds tables and an amazing view of the bay.

World Location Summary

Nudle sponsored this popular baseball park as part of their move to contribute to the SF Bay Area community. It's gone over well with sports fans in particular.


  • Nudle Park is a based on the real life AT&T Park.

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