Not The Pizza Guy
Not the pizza guy
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 1, Mission 10
Target Lance Brenner
Unlocked by completing Remember
Unlocks A Wrench in the Works
Transcript Transcript
That's why I brought the bolt cutters. He opens the door this much, there's a chain right there, I slip them in and—snip. And guess what? It's not the pizza guy!
Jordi Chin

Not The Pizza Guy is the tenth storyline mission in Watch Dogs.


To find the fixer boss, Lance Brenner, Aiden goes to the Gorman Heights luxury building by the rail yard and meets Jordi on the patio deck. After a little talk between the two, Aiden goes to the rail yard and kills the fixers there. After going in and shooting Lance Brenner's knee, Aiden takes a name and goes out to kill more fixers. When he kills them all, he calls Clara to find Angelo Tucci as the mission ends.


Make sure you have some Lures before going in, because if you throw a Lure and distract a fixer, Jordi assassinates him with his sniper.

Mission objectives

  • Climb to meet Jordi on the patio deck.
  • Infiltrate the rail yard.
  • Interrogate the Fixer boss.
  • Kill all the fixers or escape.


  • Jordi has the only silenced sniper rifle in the game, a silenced SVD, and the player cannot obtain it.
  • During the mission, Jordi claims to have known one of the men he shot with the last name of Douglas. This could be a reference to Aaron Douglas, the man who voices Jordi.
  • Profiling Jordi will show "NO RECORD" in all fields.
  • When Aiden leaves the building Lance Brenner is in, and sees there are fixers outside waiting for him, he asks Jordi how bad the situation is, to which Jordi replies "Remember Kinderhook?" and Aiden says "shit". It is unknown what Kinderhook is but it was most likely an event Jordi and Aiden were in prior to the game's events, in which there were many reinforcements.
  • After Aiden confronts Lance Brenner, the player can kill him or spare him. If the player kills him, their reputation will decrease slightly.
    • This could be because Jordi said, "don't kill the boss, you kinda need him", but if the boss, Lance, is killed, it does not affect the story.

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