Nicole's house is in the gated community "High Grove" which itself is in the Parker Square district of Chicago. The house was home to Nicole Pearce and her two children Jackson and Lena Pearce. Although easily mistaken for a full house this property is in fact a ground-floor apartment. This is shown by the layout of the interior and the second door at the front which is most likely the entrance to the second floor apartment above.

After the events of the campaign

After Nicole and Jackson leave Chicago, the apartment is still accessible to Aiden. This implies that the property is owned by either Nicole or Aiden and that it is not a rental and hasn't been let to anyone else.


  • The cameras inside the apartment are the only accessible ones not controlled by ctOS, instead they are registered to Aiden Pearce as described in their sub-headings.
  • The only room not accessible or seen in the game is Lena's room, this is a strange move for the developers as Lena's death is featured heavily in the storyline and her bedroom would be a source of memories or flashbacks for Aiden.

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