Newsstands are booths all around Chicago in Watch Dogs. They sell newspapers, magazines, and drinks, and occasionally have a digital screen above them that show the news. Aiden Pearce and T-Bone (in the Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC) can purchase four dollar energy drinks at newsstands in order to temporarily boost their focus meters.

Some newsstands also have a speaker playing a song. If Aiden/T-Bone does not already own the song playing on the speaker, he can pull up his smartphone and use the SongSneak app to obtain the song in his playlist.


  • Some of the magazines showed at newsstands are just mirrored versions of other ones.
  • One particular magazine by "NextTECH" can be found titled "10 Best Games of All Time" and clearly shows the protagonist of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed III, Ratonhnhaké:ton, standing on a rooftop.
  • Despite controversy the vendor can be killed, if the player uses explosives or acts fast with a gun. Otherwise, he will bend down where you can't get him.

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