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Not to be confused with The Church of New Dawn, New Dawn Facility or New Dawn Temple.

The New Dawn Headquarters is a location featured in Watch Dogs 2.


The New Dawn Headquarters can be found north of Japantown and west of The Tenderloin.


The New Dawn Headquarters is not a World Location, but plays a big part in Watch Dogs 2's story-line. It is the headquarters of the cult New Dawn. The building has a stairway with the New Dawn logo on each pavilion. Stone makes up the building's outside structure while the inside has tile flooring and rugs on the stairways. Downstairs has a desk, a computer room, a church and some chests with books regarding information on New Dawn. Upstairs also has these features, but has a computer in which Marcus hacks to obtain information on New Dawn. During this mission is the only time you can access the building, otherwise it is closed.


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