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Not to be confused with the New Dawn Temple or New Dawn HQ.
New Dawn Facility
No one is quite sure what goes on behind the walls of the Spiritual Ascendance Development Facility. This religious group is often viewed with suspicion and considered a cult.
―In-game description.

The New Dawn Facility is a World Location featured in Watch Dogs 2.


New Dawn Facility is located in southwestern San Francisco. It is located east of Crestmont Forest and south of Ocean Beach.


The New Dawn Facility is a group of small buildings owned by the Church of the New Dawn. The facility is guarded by an indestructible fence, there is a gate at the end of the entrance driveway that can be opened and three rear entrances on the beach. It is a restricted zone equipped with four Umeni officers. There are five buildings inside the facility with a pagoda overlooking the beach.


  • 1 Money bag on the west-side of the compound.
  • 1 Key Data; Security System Shutdown, found in the middle of the compound.


  • The facility is known as the "Red Room" to the members of the church.
  • The location appears in the mission False Profits.