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Scouting out the area with NetHack.

NetHack View is a new ability in Watch Dogs 2, that allows Marcus Holloway to see the world like a hacker.


NetHack View is a view mode that points out various hackable objects in the environment. Once activated, the screen gets a blue filter with a bit of grain. The player can now hack cameras that are out of sight, and even through walls. The player can also hack enemies and pedestrians through this view much easier, and enemies and various important objects become highlighted. Also, various hacking features that are not available in normal view become available in NetHack View.

This view can be seen Marcus or remotely when using the RC Jumper or Quadcopter drones. Using the Quadcopter to fly over and through a restricted area to pick up potential traps and foes in NetHack view is more proficient than cycling through cameras, if the area is open enough.

Notable Points

Blue Entities: Anything collectible or hackable either emanates a blue “spark” or is colored blue. Unlocked dataflow, key data, rewards, hackable objects (including doors, RC Jumper vents, and scenery you can hack as proximity traps), cameras, and RC devices are all this color.

Red Entities: Locked dataflow, locked objects (such as doors and CCTs), and enemies are colored red. This is important for picking out foes from citizens, scouting and tagging enemies, and providing an overview of threats within a restricted area.

Orange Entities: Objectives, intel (laptops, tablets, and phones provide optional information within an operation), and operation starters (mainly for Side Operations) are all colored orange or have an orange “spark” emanating from them.

Gray Entities: Movable objects, such as doors, vehicles, explodable scenery, and open RC vents are this color. This is helpful, as you can learn which scenery will blow apart when an explosive detonates nearby and which vents your RC Jumper can enter.


NetHack View is similar to the Eagle Vision from Assassin's Creed, another Ubisoft game. It is also similar to Detective Vision or Detective Mode, a feature from all four Batman: Arkham games.

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