Needs of the Few
Mission no.: Act I
Mission 3
Target Central computer
Location(s) The Silo
First appearance of: Eugene
Preceded by Fading Signal
Followed by Bait
"I think I can handle a few nerds with expensive toys. I'm bringing Eugene."
―Raymond Kenney

Needs of the Few is 3rd mission of the Bad Blood DLC.


T-Bone meets Tobias Frewer at The Silo and picks up Eugene, his R/C car, in preparation for his visit to BlumeForge. He goes to BlumeForge and, after getting past the Blume security, he goes inside to find the building secured by lasers, which Tobias tells T-Bone were installed by [Tobias] before he was fired from Blume. T-Bone uses Eugene to sneak past some lasers and deactivate them, but soon finds there are many more. He turns off or sneaks past them and makes his way to the main floor. After he hacks into BlumeForge, he trips an alarm and has to fight his way out of the building and away from BlumeForge.

Mission objectives

  • Meet Tobias in the Silo.
  • Pick up Eugene.
  • Reach the BlumeForge building.
  • Infiltrate the building.
  • Find the central computer.
  • Escape or eliminate al guards.

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