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A money bag is an item in Watch Dogs 2.


A money bag is an item that can be obtained by Marcus throughout San Francisco. It is either a paper bag with lower amounts of cash and an item that can be sold at a Pawn Shop, or a black duffel bag that holds around 20,000 dollars. These are usually in restricted areas. Money bags can usually be from $4,000 to $25,000 in cash. Some money bags also contain clothing items, but it should be noted that only duffel bags hold clothes. Money bags are marked on the map as a square with the "$" sign on it. Larger bags are indicated with larger icons in Nudle Maps. Money from these bags can be used to buy things such as cars, ammunition and clothing for Marcus.

Money Bag Locations

Money Bags in Marin

Point Bonita and Kirby Cove

  • Money Bag 1 - The first one in Marin can be found in a drainage ditch near a bunker and you need your RC Jumper to locate it.
  • Money Bag 2 - The second one is in a building on the shore underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. You need to take a boat and head there from the south.

Vista Point and Horseshoe Bay

  • Money Bag 3 - While in Vista Point check near the restrooms. 
  • Money Bag 4 - Head towards the Doc to grab this Bag
  • Money Bag 5 - The last one in Horseshoe Bay can be found underground level beneath some boxes.

Sausalito and the Gates Houseboats

  • Money Bag 6 - Check the balcony in the restricted area
  • Money Bag 7 - The backyard of the same home where you'll encounter the gang members and a dog
  • Money Bag 8 - Ride off the ramp at the end of a pier(with a motorcycle) to make your way to another pier and grab this bag.

Money Bags in San Francisco

Fort Point

  • Money Bag 1 - On the Southern Tower of Golden Gate Bridge
  • Money Bag 2 - Check the pile of Construction on the top of Fort Point
  • Money Bag 3 - On the outdoor Basketball Court check between two vehicles
  • Money Bag 4 - At the Hook, Motion Pictures Studio check the Patio
  • Money Bag 5 - In a small restricted area guarded by 3 gang members

Fisherman’s Wharf

  • Money Bag 6 - At the end of a Jetty
  • Money Bag 7 - The same place where you get the Research Case
  • Money Bag 8 - End of the Dock there are 2 Bags
  • Money Bag 9 - Inside the Restricted area
  • Money Bag 10 - In an underground parking area
  • Money Bag 11 - Check the second level of the same Parking Garage

Lombard Street

  • Money Bag 12 - Check the Lower Courtyard with RC Jumper
  • Money Bag 13 - Behind the Fenced area in parking garage(Open the door)
  • Money Bag 14 - Check the Backyard area(use your alleys to access)
  • Money Bag 15 - In the same backyard between two buildings(entrance from North)
  • Money Bag 16 - In the same backyard between two buildings with gang members and a dog
  • Money Bag 17 - In the construction area check the container
  • Money Bag 18 - On the rooftop courtyard which is guarded by gang members
  • Money Bag 19 - Behind the garbage bags on the sidewalk

Coit Tower

  • Money Bag 20 - On the Roof of WKZ Station
  • Money Bag 21 - On the Rooftop with three gang members with a dog
  • Money Bag 22 - In the park with a tent
  • Money Bag 23 - On the Rooftop(enter an alley from north)


  • Money Bag 24 - From the west of the Buildings, climb up the Roof via stairs(west side)
  • Money Bag 25 - Inside an air duct on the roof of a building
  • Money Bag 26 - On the Loading dock between buildings
  • Money Bag 27 - From North side of the Building use the stairs on western side
  • Money Bag 28 - In a covered area with 3 guards

Golden Gate Park

  • Money Bag 29 - On the basketball court

Civic Center

  • Money Bag 30 - On the Uppercourt(in the restricted area)
  • Money Bag 31 - Again inside the Restricted area with 3 guards and a dog

Nudle Park

  • Money Bag 32 - In an Interior courtyard of the building
  • Money Bag 33 - On the second floor of the Transbay Center check the garage
  • Money Bag 34 - On a Rooftop patio with 3 guards
  • Money Bag 35 - Climb the Dumpster from the Southeast side of the build and make your wat to the rooftop
  • Money Bag 36 - Use the Scissor Lift(located across the street) and get to the Roof
  • Money Bag 37 - In the garage of the Restricted area(use the white trailer to enter)
  • Money Bag 38 - In the same restricted area you will find another bag.
  • Money Bag 39 - Use the Crane to get to the Roof of the Building
  • Money Bag 40 - In a Courtyard between buildings(guarded by gang members)

Mission Dolores Park

  • Money Bag 41 - In a Construction area in an Alley
  • Money Bag 42 - On the Roof of the Police Station
  • Money Bag 43 - In a Backyard with Gang members
  • Money Bag 44 - In a Backyard(right side)
  • Money Bag 45 - On a duct in an underpass(use the van to get underpass)
  • Money Bag 46 - Use the Bus from the parking to get to the Roof
  • Money Bag 47 - Top of the Construction area under the freeway
  • Money Bag 48 - Inside the Building with locked door in the Junkyard
  • Money Bag 49 - Top of the Green Trailer(climb the pallet)

Painted Ladies

  • Money Bag 51 - On the Roof of a home in the Restricted area
  • Money Bag 52 - On a Roof behind some blue barrels

San Bruno Mountain

  • Money Bag 53 - In a Patio area with security laser and fences and guarded by robots.
  • Money Bag 54 - In the Restricted area southeastern corner of the compound jump on a small building.
  • Money Bag 55 - In a fenced area near the gas station
  • Money Bag 56 - Atop the trailer in the fenced area
  • Money Bag 57 - Inside a drainage tunnel
  • Money Bag 58 - Roof of a Building with gang members


  • Money Bag 59 - Swim towards dock in the restricted area
  • Money Bag 60 - Inside the Drainage pipe

Yerba Buena

  • Money Bag 61 - During the First Mission
  • Money Bag 62 - Inside the Fenced area with lots of guards(use RC Jumper and Quadcopter to Scout)

Money Bags in Oakland

Oakland Outskirts

  • Money Bag 1 - Use the crane to get close to the tower
  • Money Bag 2 - Under the Walkway next to a couple towers
  • Money Bag 3 - Between two railroad boxcars
  • Money Bag 4 - Inside the Restricted area guarded by Gang members

North Oakland

  • Money Bag 5 - Inside the Restricted area guarded by Gang members and a Dog
  • Money Bag 6 - In the Ceiling of 16th Street Station(climb the Scaffoldings)
  • Money Bag 7 - Inside a house in the restricted area with gang members and a dog
  • Money Bag 8 - In a backyard with gang members

Uptown Oakland

  • Money Bag 9 - In a Restricted area below the freeway
  • Money Bag 10 - In a Home's backyard
  • Money Bag 11 - Inside the railroad shed
  • Money Bag 12 - On the roof with gang members and a dog
  • Money Bag 13 - Roof of the building in the restricted area
  • Money Bag 14 - In the Alley(enter from south)
  • Money Bag 15 - Under some stairs behind a building

Downtown Oakland

  • Money Bag 16 - In a patio area, head to the second floor of the building
  • Money Bag 17 - Walk up the stairs of the same apartment complex
  • Money Bag 18 - Behind the same build(guards patrolling)
  • Money Bag 19 - Rooftop of the Restaurant area
  • Money Bag 20 - In a small fenced area with gang members and couple of dogs
  • Money Bag 21 - On a bench on the Top of the Shoreline Park
  • Money Bag 22 - Second floor of a building under construction
  • Money Bag 23 - In a fenced area where you find the transformer vault
  • Money Bag 24 - In a container storage area(two main gates to enter)

South Oakland

  • Money Bag 25 - At the Regwell Gun Range(grab during mission)
  • Money Bag 26 - Roof of a restaurant
  • Money Bag 27 - At a small dock area controlled by a gang

Money Bags in Silicon Valley

Crystal Springs

  • Money Bag 1 - In the carport of a roadside gas station
  • Money Bag 2 - Inside a locked garage in the New Dawn Temple complex(enter from eastern entrance)

San Mateo

  • Money Bag 3 - Next to a restroom
  • Money Bag 4 - Backyard of this home
  • Money Bag 5 - At a campsite(guards patrolling)
  • Money Bag 6 - Climb onto the roof of a house(access via left house)

Palo Alto

  • 1 Money Bag on roof of Pawn Shop.
  • 1 Money Bag inside air duct of roof of smallest building near Brewed Delight Coffee.
  • 1 Money Bag roof of building next to Brewed Delight Coffee.
  • 1 Money Bag behind Pharmingtons, south of Auto Elite, in between crate.
  • 1 Money Bag inside alley south of Axle Boardshop.
  • 1 Key Data; top of main building, unlocked by Closed Circuit Terminal.
  • 1 Research Point on roof pavilion left of main building closest to intersection, unlocked by Closed Circuit Terminal
  • 1 Research Point closest to on building on the western cutoff of Stanford University, on a table right of the second floor.

Stanford University

  • 1 Money Bag located in an enclosed area near the fire station, unlocked by a Closed Circuit Terminal.
  • 1 Money Bag located left of the location in an alley behind the stores.

South Silicon Valley

  • Money Bag 14 - In the kitchen of Rhonda’s Restaurant

Nudle and Galilei

  • Money Bag 15 - In the basement of a home under construction
  • Money Bag 16 - Into the backyard of the house (enter from the east)
  • Money Bag 17 - Inside the underground access point north of the Nudle campus
  • Money Bag 18 - Top of the northeastern building of the Nudle campus
  • Money Bag 19 - Inside a shelter at a homeless camp
  • Money Bag 20 - On the Counter of large Galilei building

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