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Money bags are collectible items in Watch Dogs 2.


Money bags can be found around the Bay Area. There are two variants: a paper bag with lower amounts of cash and an item that can be sold at a Pawn Shop, and a black duffel bag that holds larger amounts of cash, usually around $20,000. These are usually found in restricted areas. Money bags can range from $4,000 to $25,000 in cash. Some money bags also contain clothing items, but it should be noted that only the duffel bags hold clothes. Money bags are marked on the map as a square with the "$" sign in it. Larger bags are indicated with larger icons in Nudle Maps. The money can then be used to buy in-game items such as weapons, vehicles and clothes.


Money Bags in Marin

Point Bonita and Kirby Cove

  • Money Bag 1 - The first one in Marin can be found in a drainage ditch near a bunker and you need your RC Jumper to locate it.
  • Money Bag 2 - The second one is in a building on the shore underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. You need to take a boat and head there from the south.

Vista Point and Horseshoe Bay

  • Money Bag 3 - While in Vista Point check near the restrooms. 
  • Money Bag 4 - Head towards the Doc to grab this Bag
  • Money Bag 5 - The last one in Horseshoe Bay can be found underground level beneath some boxes.

Sausalito and the Gates Houseboats

  • Money Bag 6 - Check the balcony in the restricted area
  • Money Bag 7 - The backyard of the same home where you'll encounter the gang members and a dog
  • Money Bag 8 - Ride off the ramp at the end of a pier(with a motorcycle) to make your way to another pier and grab this bag.

Money Bags in San Francisco

Fort Point

  • Money Bag 1 - On the Southern Tower of Golden Gate Bridge
  • Money Bag 2 - Check the pile of Construction on the top of Fort Point
  • Money Bag 3 - On the outdoor Basketball Court check between two vehicles
  • Money Bag 4 - At the Hook, Motion Pictures Studio check the Patio
  • Money Bag 5 - In a small restricted area guarded by 3 gang members

Fisherman's Wharf

  • Money Bag 6 - At the end of a Jetty
  • Money Bag 7 - The same place where you get the Research Case
  • Money Bag 8 - End of the Dock there are 2 Bags
  • Money Bag 9 - Inside the Restricted area
  • Money Bag 10 - In an underground parking area
  • Money Bag 11 - Check the second level of the same Parking Garage

Lombard Street

  • Money Bag 12 - Check the Lower Courtyard with RC Jumper
  • Money Bag 13 - Behind the Fenced area in parking garage(Open the door)
  • Money Bag 14 - Check the Backyard area(use your alleys to access)
  • Money Bag 15 - In the same backyard between two buildings(entrance from North)
  • Money Bag 16 - In the same backyard between two buildings with gang members and a dog
  • Money Bag 17 - In the construction area check the container
  • Money Bag 18 - On the rooftop courtyard which is guarded by gang members
  • Money Bag 19 - Behind the garbage bags on the sidewalk

Coit Tower

  • Money Bag 20 - On the Roof of WKZ Station
  • Money Bag 21 - On the Rooftop with three gang members with a dog
  • Money Bag 22 - In the park with a tent
  • Money Bag 23 - On the Rooftop(enter an alley from north)


  • Money Bag 24 - From the west of the Buildings, climb up the Roof via stairs(west side)
  • Money Bag 25 - Inside an air duct on the roof of a building
  • Money Bag 26 - On the Loading dock between buildings
  • Money Bag 27 - From North side of the Building use the stairs on western side
  • Money Bag 28 - In a covered area with 3 guards

Golden Gate Park

  • Money Bag 29 - On the basketball court

Civic Center

  • Money Bag 30 - On the Uppercourt(in the restricted area)
  • Money Bag 31 - Again inside the Restricted area with 3 guards and a dog

Nudle Park

  • Money Bag 32 - In an Interior courtyard of the building
  • Money Bag 33 - On the second floor of the Transbay Center check the garage
  • Money Bag 34 - On a Rooftop patio with 3 guards
  • Money Bag 35 - Climb the Dumpster from the Southeast side of the build and make your wat to the rooftop
  • Money Bag 36 - Use the Scissor Lift(located across the street) and get to the Roof
  • Money Bag 37 - In the garage of the Restricted area(use the white trailer to enter)
  • Money Bag 38 - In the same restricted area you will find another bag.
  • Money Bag 39 - Use the Crane to get to the Roof of the Building
  • Money Bag 40 - In a Courtyard between buildings(guarded by gang members)

Mission Dolores Park

  • Money Bag 41 - In a Construction area in an Alley
  • Money Bag 42 - On the Roof of the Police Station
  • Money Bag 43 - In a Backyard with Gang members
  • Money Bag 44 - In a Backyard(right side)
  • Money Bag 45 - On a duct in an underpass(use the van to get underpass)
  • Money Bag 46 - Use the Bus from the parking to get to the Roof
  • Money Bag 47 - Top of the Construction area under the freeway
  • Money Bag 48 - Inside the Building with locked door in the Junkyard
  • Money Bag 49 - Top of the Green Trailer(climb the pallet)

Painted Ladies

  • Money Bag 51 - On the Roof of a home in the Restricted area
  • Money Bag 52 - On a Roof behind some blue barrels

San Bruno Mountain

  • Money Bag 53 - In a Patio area with security laser and fences and guarded by robots.
  • Money Bag 54 - In the Restricted area southeastern corner of the compound jump on a small building.
  • Money Bag 55 - In a fenced area near the gas station
  • Money Bag 56 - Atop the trailer in the fenced area
  • Money Bag 57 - Inside a drainage tunnel
  • Money Bag 58 - Roof of a Building with gang members


  • Money Bag 59 - Swim towards dock in the restricted area
  • Money Bag 60 - Inside the Drainage pipe

Yerba Buena

  • Money Bag 61 - During the First Mission
  • Money Bag 62 - Inside the Fenced area with lots of guards(use RC Jumper and Quadcopter to Scout)

Money Bags in Oakland

Oakland Outskirts

  • Money Bag 1 - Use the crane to get close to the tower
  • Money Bag 2 - Under the Walkway next to a couple towers
  • Money Bag 3 - Between two railroad boxcars
  • Money Bag 4 - Inside the Restricted area guarded by Gang members

North Oakland

  • Money Bag 5 - Inside the Restricted area guarded by Gang members and a Dog
  • Money Bag 6 - In the Ceiling of 16th Street Station(climb the Scaffoldings)
  • Money Bag 7 - Inside a house in the restricted area with gang members and a dog
  • Money Bag 8 - In a backyard with gang members

Uptown Oakland

  • Money Bag 9 - In a Restricted area below the freeway
  • Money Bag 10 - In a Home's backyard
  • Money Bag 11 - Inside the railroad shed
  • Money Bag 12 - On the roof with gang members and a dog
  • Money Bag 13 - Roof of the building in the restricted area
  • Money Bag 14 - In the Alley(enter from south)
  • Money Bag 15 - Under some stairs behind a building

Downtown Oakland

  • Money Bag 16 - In a patio area, head to the second floor of the building
  • Money Bag 17 - Walk up the stairs of the same apartment complex
  • Money Bag 18 - Behind the same build(guards patrolling)
  • Money Bag 19 - Rooftop of the Restaurant area
  • Money Bag 20 - In a small fenced area with gang members and couple of dogs
  • Money Bag 21 - On a bench on the Top of the Shoreline Park
  • Money Bag 22 - Second floor of a building under construction
  • Money Bag 23 - In a fenced area where you find the transformer vault
  • Money Bag 24 - In a container storage area(two main gates to enter)

South Oakland

  • Money Bag 25 - At the Regwell Gun Range(grab during mission)
  • Money Bag 26 - Roof of a restaurant
  • Money Bag 27 - At a small dock area controlled by a gang

Money Bags in Silicon Valley

Crystal Springs

  • Money Bag 1 - In the carport of a roadside gas station
  • Money Bag 2 - Inside a locked garage in the New Dawn Temple complex(enter from eastern entrance)

San Mateo

  • Money Bag 3 - Next to a restroom
  • Money Bag 4 - Backyard of this home
  • Money Bag 5 - At a campsite(guards patrolling)
  • Money Bag 6 - Climb onto the roof of a house(access via left house)

Palo Alto

  • 1 Money Bag on roof of Pawn Shop.
  • 1 Money Bag inside air duct of roof of smallest building near Brewed Delight Coffee.
  • 1 Money Bag roof of building next to Brewed Delight Coffee.
  • 1 Money Bag behind Pharmingtons, south of Auto Elite, in between crate.
  • 1 Money Bag inside alley south of Axle Boardshop.
  • 1 Key Data; top of main building, unlocked by Closed Circuit Terminal.
  • 1 Research Point on roof pavilion left of main building closest to intersection, unlocked by Closed Circuit Terminal
  • 1 Research Point closest to on building on the western cutoff of Stanford University, on a table right of the second floor.

Stanford University

  • 1 Money Bag located in an enclosed area near the fire station, unlocked by a Closed Circuit Terminal.
  • 1 Money Bag located left of the location in an alley behind the stores.

South Silicon Valley

  • Money Bag 14 - In the kitchen of Rhonda’s Restaurant

Nudle and Galilei

  • Money Bag 15 - In the basement of a home under construction
  • Money Bag 16 - Into the backyard of the house (enter from the east)
  • Money Bag 17 - Inside the underground access point north of the Nudle campus
  • Money Bag 18 - Top of the northeastern building of the Nudle campus
  • Money Bag 19 - Inside a shelter at a homeless camp
  • Money Bag 20 - On the Counter of large Galilei building