Mission Dolores Park
Built in 1898, the Ferry Building continues to serve as a ferry terminal. It hosts shops and restaurants focused on local products. The clock tower atop the building serves as one of San Francisco's iconic structures.
―In-game description.

Mission Dolores Park is a World Location featured in Watch Dogs 2.


Mission Dolores Park is located in San Francisco. It is north of Vermont Street and south of the SFMOMA.


Mission Dolores Park is a large square park which serves a recreational area for the residents of San Francisco. The park is mainly grass, but a small road can be driven on in the middle of the park. Two walkways also converge from side to side. Both palm and oak trees are placed around the grassland. A small patch of stone holds a jungle jim and benches east of the park. A small building in the middle along with a Lift can also be found. Mission Dolores Park is one of the more active park, but lacks activity during the night time.