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  • I live in A House
  • I was born on September 7
  • I am Lorde, ya ya ya

  • Thanks again! I was wondering if there's anyway my name could show up in yellow like RainingPain17. Also if my name could be added to this page, so people know I'm admin. If not, it's OK, I don't want to ask for too much. Thanks!

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  • Hi,

    I'm the Hungarian sistersite's newly added admin. I want to improve our wiki. So I want to ask you for help: with the interwiki links - I asked it in the community site, but maybe you could ask it too. As I see, your wiki doesn't use the interwiki feature to connect to the other language wikis. I also need help with the CSS: I don't want to copy it 100%, but it would be a good starting point.

    Thanks for your answer!

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    • I'll be glad to help. Our wiki uses the interwiki links on the home page, if that is what you're referring to -- or are you talking about links on articles that lead to the same article on the different language wiki? And let me know what you'd like with the CSS -- and feel free to copy what you want from our CSS.

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    • Thank you! About languages: I mean both.

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  • There has been someone on the wiki going by the name of Hacking 4 life, sometimes he edits as an anonymous user. Just over a month ago he was vandalizing Defalt's page saying that he's in the game himself and that his friend was "killed by defalt" I reverted this edit more times than I could count and he just recently asked TacticalMaster to block me for reverting the false information he inserted into the pages so I'd like to request that I have Rollback rights so I can help out with spam and vandalism. I'd be extremely grateful to have this chance and I won't let you down. Please consider my request and I'm sure you'll make the right choice. Thanks :)


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    • Unfortunately, you only have 31 edits, and joined the wiki about 3 or 4 months ago. If you'd like to gain rollback rights, I strongly suggest to stick with the wiki and edit more actively for a continuous amount of time, and continue reverting vandalism.

      As for Hacking 4 life, I investigated his account and blocked it. If you catch anymore vandalism, feel free to let me know and I'll block the user. Thanks for notifying me.

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    • Alright, no problem man. I'll be sure to stick around and edit and I'll be sure to inform you about any vandalism going on. Have a good day :)

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  • Hello NFG. A while ago one of your admins (Smashbro8) made a request here for admniship rights for me but if I remember well the request was left unanswered. So I would like to make a request by myself. I have ceased editing here but when I can I undo vandalism here, and since the staff is a bit inactive here I would like to do admin tasks by myself, and help the current users if necessary (I've been here for 3 months). Thanks for answering me.

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    • Of course, I remember the request and you looked very eligible. I started to get busy and was working on another wiki and I forget. Although, your last edit was on Nov. 2 so hopefully I'd expect you to be more active with the powers. Either way, I'll promote you now -- congratulations and hopefully you'll continue to help the wiki.

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    • Thanks a lot. I and Smashbro8 will work on expanding this Wiki a bit. And that will also allow me to keep an eye on anon. vandals.

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  • I've been getting a bunch of emails from Twitter about the wiki's account, and they all read: "Come back on, u been gone for too long." If you're available, I could hand the account over to you or maybe someone else here if you're not, okay?

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    • I'd be up for it to provide assistance. Not too sure about my activity at the moment but I could use it to tweet at times. I'm sure Smashbro would be up for it as well.

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  • Hey NinjaFatGuy. I was wondering if you could promote RainingPain17 to an admin or rollback? He's been editing here for a lot of time, is active, and helps me out with a lot of cases such as vandals, spams, unneccessary pages and rude users. Thanks. 

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  • How can i protect a page on list of watch dogs characters? I am soon planing to improve the page, but a user called RainingPain17 keeps adding the tag, and i will soon improve the article. If you want please put my article on Cascading  Protection to prevent any further damage, please reply to me thank you, Ninjafatguy nice profile pic btw 

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  • NinjaFatGuy, I'd like to create a new Poll on Watch Dogs Wikia but I have no intension to remove the current Poll asking about what's your favorite mini-game in Watch Dogs.

    I'm trying to create a new Poll on this Wikia with a question that says "Did You Shoot Maurice or Walk Away?" because I want to know in general as to what choices the gamers made in the final mission.

    So can you please assist me?

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  • Hi NFG, me and Smashbro8 were thinking of applying a lockdown on this Wiki so only registered users could edit stuff. You can see that recently a large number of unregistered users vandalized the wikia, adding "RIFAT IS GAY" (btw I don't have any goddamn idea of what it means) everywhere on every page they could.

    Both me and Smash are activer users of the GTA Wiki, where you cannot edit any stuff without using a Wikia account. And I notice that on the GTA Wiki vandlism is rather rare. And if anyone does something wrongs, he gets a warning immediately.

    So I would like to get your opinion :)

    Thank you

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  • Hi NFG, I think I've found another couple of spambots on the wiki.

    You will find them there

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