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  • Seems like we haven't talked in ages, ha! How've you been?? How's everything been going on here btw? I know I've been M.I.A., but I missed editing on here. It's fun when you get to speculate for a while and then info starts flying your way and it's like meh, y'know? Not for the game, just the editing part lol. BTW DID YOU GET IT?? I GOT IT LIKE FOUR DAYS AFTER IT CAME OUT. I still can't beleive I have it lol. It's crazy. It's actually one of the games I thought I would have to wait a really long time to get but daaamn, I saw it in the mall and now I'm having a with it. I'm so happy ^^.

    P.S. Trying my very best to avoid spoilers! I can't come on this wiki willingly anymore, I'd literally die if I'm spoiled. So please take it easy on me. (if you beat the game already)

    Also, my entire profile for this wiki is erased, I don't know why.

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    • There was a new wiki created, then the two were merged. That's why your profile was blanked.

      Yes I got it, It's pretty good. Do you have Skype? Might be easier to talk that way lol.

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    • Oh lol. Shit, no, I don't have a skype :c We can chat on here like normal, no biggie.

      And wow, the game is more than pretty good lol. I don't even have a word to sum up how fantastic it is. Anyway, I'm just dying to reach the Dot Connextion mission and see how Demarco ties into the chain of events in the game so far. I can't wait to relive it. Ugh so excited.

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    • It's a pretty good game overall, really enjoyed it.

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