MatarHorn Trucks
MataHorn Trux

MatarHorn Trucks is a vehicle manufacturer in Watch Dogs.


The company is a heavy vehicle maker. The logo consists of two vertical yellow chevron arrows. The top facing upwards and the bottom facing the opposite direction.


Image Vehicle Style Based On Notes
Cement Truck
Cement Truck Cement Mixer Peterbilt 375
City bus
City Bus Transport Bus
Convoy Armored Van International 4000 Series
Delivery Truck WD1
Delivery Truck Box truck Sixth generation Isuzu Elf
Hyundai Trago
Dump truck
Dump Truck Dump Truck Based on the Flatbed Truck
Flatbed Truck Cargo Truck International DuraStar
Fire Truck Emergency Truck Pierce Dash or Seagrave models
Garbage Truck
Garbage Truck Garbage Truck Based on the Delivery Truck
Media truck
Media Broadcast Truck TV Truck
Middleweight DC
Middleweight DC Cargo Truck
MRAP Armored Truck Lenco BearCat
WKZ-TV Truck
WKZ-TV Truck TV Truck Based on the Delivery Truck


  • At some point during the pre-release version of Watch Dogs 2, it was spelled as MataHorn Trucks in the player's Profiler, when about to hack a vehicle. It was, however, inconsistent with the true name of the manufacturer displayed in the Car On Demand app. This issue was fixed in the official release.

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