Slot Sidearm
Weapon Type Burst-Fire Machine Pistol
Weapon Rating Star Star Star Shaded Star Shaded Star Shaded
Damage Low
Fire Rate Medium
Range Low
Stability High
Reload Speed Fast
Ammo Capacity 30|360
Price $800 (Gun stores)
Free (Online Hacking reward)
Appears in Watch Dogs
The MP-9mm is a compact machine pistol, slow but with good stopping power.
―In-game Description

The MP-9mm is a burst-fire submachine gun in Watch Dogs.


The MP-9mm is a lightweight machine pistol based on the Brugger & Thomet MP9. Features a small folding stock, always collapsed.


The MP-9mm has the same ammunition capacity as the SMG-11, but has a greater damage output per round. Thanks to its burst-fire mode, it can't lose accuracy easily.



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