Little Sister
Little Sistah
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 4, Mission 5
Unlocked by completing The Defalt Condition
Unlocks Ghosts of the Past
"I've found Nicky, finally. And Damien doesn't know."

"Little Sister" is the 41st storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the 5th mission of Act IV.


After Aiden kills Defalt, he gives a phone call audio to T-Bone to reveal a talk background. After a scan, Aiden finds Nicky in an abandoned building in Brandon Docks. After some hacking, Aiden finds Nicky through a camera in a room with a guard. Aİden blows a transmitter box to kill the guard and calls the phone there. Then, Aiden says her to take the gun there, but immidieatally another guard enter and (as being shocked) Nİcky shoots the guy. Then Aiden guides Nicky to a car and ecapes as the mission ends.

Mission objectives

  • Hack the network to find Nicky.
  • Take out Nicky's guard.
  • Hack the guard's phone.
  • Guide Nicky to a car.
  • Kill all fixers or escape.

Strategy Tips

There is an easier way to do this mission. If you just do the room and take Nicky out, you can kill the guards out and just lead the way to Nicky.


  • If Nicky sees you, she doesn't do anything but the move you ordered so Nicky doesn't reacts to Aiden.

Video Walkthrough


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