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Lance Brenner
Lance Brenner
Full name Lance Brenner
Status Determinant
Died 2013 (optional)
Cause of death Killed by Aiden Pearce (optional)
Nationality American
Residence Chicago
Profession Transport Union Rep
Appears in Watch Dogs
First appeared Bottom of the Eighth
Last appeared Not The Pizza Guy
Lance Brenner: "The fuck is wrong with you?"
Aiden Pearce: "I wouldn't know where to begin."
―Aiden and Brenner, before leaving

Lance Brenner is a character in Watch Dogs, who appears in the mission Not The Pizza Guy.

Family Background

According to his CTOS profile, he works as an official for the transit workers' union, has a median income of at least $54,780, and is saving money to send his two children to college. He also works as a Fixer.

Events of Watch Dogs

In the events of the game, he is placed under witness protection by Angelo Tucci when his money-laundering activities on behalf of the latter start to attract attention from the Chicago Police Department. Another Fixer, Jordi Chin, locates him and alerts his employer, Aiden Pearce, who eliminates Brenner's bodyguards with assistance from Jordi before wounding and interrogating him. Brenner refuses to talk until Aiden threatens to expose him to his family and then go after them, at which point he reveals Angelo's plans to kidnap Raul Lionzo. Satisfied, Aiden escapes just as reinforcements arrive having been summoned by a dead man's switch on one of the deceased guards. It is not confirmed whether or not Brenner survives or dies of his wounds.

Mission Appearances


  • If Aiden points a gun at him after his interrogation, Brenner will beg for his life and "deal [him] in" on some profits.
  • Killing him will reduce Aiden's reputation and be classified as "homicide" instead of "Civilian killed".