"You have millions of people now publicly sharing information about themselves that just five years ago they would have never told anyone but their closest friends."
―Joy Ndidi Adebayo
"For the record, I think the term “social media” is ridiculous. All media is inherently social."
―Joy Ndidi Adebayo

Joy Ndidi Adebayo is an artist that contributed to Dot ConneXion.


Adebayo was born in Nigeria, and moved to Chicago when she was 5. Because her parents' careers revolved around computer science and anthropology, being raised in an environment of digital interactivity shaped Adebayo's worldview more than anything else.

Adebayo's contribution for the Dot ConneXion expo was the creation of a piece entitled “You Are What We Say”, which was composed of small LED lights and motion sensors that creates a digital mirror and replicates nearby peoples behavior.

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