John Hancock Center

The John Hancock Center is a Chicago landmark located in the Mad Mile Area of Chicago. The building is 100 stories high and tops at 1,506 ft (459 m).


The following badges are available at this hotspot:

Badge Icon Badge Name Badge Message How to Obtain Mission
Architectural Marvels
Architectural Marvels Buildings, don't you just love them! Check in at the Vault Tower, Willis Tower, Triomphe Tower, Chicago World News Tower, WKZ-TV Tower, Water Tower, and the John Hancock Center.
A More Perfect Union
A More Perfect Union Happy 4 July! Check into the John Hancock Center on the Fourth of July (system date).


  • The real John Hancock Center's address is 875 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL. in Mag Mile.
  • The Cross-bracing, shape, and overall orientation of the building has been changed in Watch Dogs
  • The building in real life features a 95th floor restaurant, condos, offices, shops, an indoor pool, and a shopping mart. All of these interior areas are inaccessible in Watch Dogs.

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