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Jimmy Siska
Jimmy Siska Profile
Full name Jimmy Siska
Status Alive
Nationality American
Residence San Francisco
Affiliation(s) New Dawn
Marcus Holloway
Profession Actor
Appears in Watch Dogs 2

Jimmy Siska is a character in Watch Dogs 2.


Jimmy Siska is a popular actor, most noted for his appearance in various action movies, most notably as the protagonist in the film CyberDriver. He is one of the main characters in the mission False Profits. It is also implied that Siska may be somewhat of a washed-up actor, as Marcus Holloway once told him that "[his] last five movies have been just disappointing as shit."[1]

Events of Watch Dogs 2

Marcus first meets Siska while posing as Jason Lowell, one of New Dawn's workers to come for an emergency "audit" the church planned for Jimmy. During the audit, Siska reveals his waning faith in the church, stemmed from his knowledge of a location called the "Red Room".

This leads Marcus to contact Miranda Comay for information on it. Marcus then infiltrates the "Red Room", which is actually a room inside the New Dawn Facility in western San Francisco. There, he sees Siska, imprisoned inside the Red Room by New Dawn for his loss of faith in the church. After saving him, he runs off with Miranda Comay as per Marcus' suggestion, and later Siska meets with Marcus and gives him information on the New Dawn Temple. Jimmy informs Marcus of the Sumerian tablets, "the heart of the religion", and helps Marcus ultimately expose the church's corrupt practices. Jimmy Siska also makes a celebrity guest appearance in DedSec's video exposing New Dawn, as a favor for rescuing him from the cult.


  • Both Wrench and Marcus are fans of Jimmy Siska.
    • Marcus is such a fan that he can do a spot-on impression of Jimmy, even sometimes quoting him. Marcus actually does this impression while social engineering Jason Lowell into thinking that Siska can't make it for his audit.
    • Wrench claims to have had a lunchbox for one of Jimmy's movies.
  • Jimmy Siska may be based on David Hasselhoff, as both appeared in CyberDriver/Knight Rider and related to cults.



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