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A Umeni Jammer

Jammers are a type of enemy featured in Watch Dogs 2, as part of the Human Conditions DLC.


The Jammer is a type of enemy unit that makes its debut in the Human Conditions DLC. The Jammer, as expected from its name, is a unit capable of jamming any hackable objects and hacking opportunities in a limited range around them. Their visual distinctions from ordinary units are a visor-like device on their heads and the jamming device carried on their backs, as well as a bulletproof vest labeled with their respective faction's name (such as Umeni and FBI).


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Jammers behave very similarly to standard enemies, namely Gunmen and Armored Gunmen. They use low-powered weapons, like the P-9mm or SMG-11, but have surprisingly high health, being roughly on par with an Elite. They take cover during combat, ducking out to take well-aimed shots that are best avoided.


As evidenced by their name, jammers have a sphere around them, approximately 3 meters in diameter, which prevents the player from hacking any objects within, or sending and RC devices into it, including the Jumper and Quadcopter.

Once the player is within this field, they will be unable to deploy the drone, activate NetHack View, deploy Mass Hacks, or hack objects, putting them at a major disadvantage. The only hack that can be used when in this field is the Profiler, which can be used to breach the jammer. Shutting down the jammer lasts about 20 seconds and costs 2 Botnet resources.


  • Unlike other foes, jammers cannot have their comms disrupted. Mass Comms Disruptor shuts down their jammer instead.
  • If a jammer is killed or knocked out, their jammer will still be active. Marcus will have to shut it down manually, and may have to breach the jammer's system.

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