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These are the main offices of social media giant !Nvite. They have a reputation for providing a fun workplace for their employees, no doubt to attract top talent.
―In-game description.

The Invite Headquarters (labeled as !nvite) is a World Location featured in Watch Dogs 2.


The Invite Headquarters is located in San Francisco. It is north of the Castro Theatre and east of the SFMOMA.


The Invite Headquarters is !nvite's main building. Many bushes and palm trees can be seen outside along with an wooden outdoor patio with a sign engraved with "!N". While the building has three entrances, Marcus can only go inside during the missions Looking Glass and Power to the Sheeple. Inside, the entrance is an open space with two staircases leading to the second floor. On the first floor, recreational areas for employees are labeled with a hashtag, one of them being #lounge. The entrance to the server room is also on this floor. The second floor holds an abundance of computers for Invite employees to work with. The CEO, Mary Catskill, also has a computer room of her own in the middle of the second floor. Dušan's office can also be showcased here in mission cutscenes and the mission Power to the Sheeple, but Marcus may not access it. His office is very lavish, wooden flooring and many windows can be seen in the space. His desk faces two couches and two chairs facing each other with an animal print rug. He also holds plants, paintings, and a small bar there. The server room is a basement, holding two rooms to host the servers.