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The Infinite 92 is an underground gentleman's fetish club owned by Dermot "Lucky" Quinn and the Chicago South Club. It is a business in Watch Dogs. Aiden Pearce comes here under the guise of Nicholas Crispin to see Donna "Poppy" Dean and secure an invite to the mob boss's auction.


  • After player kills Crispin (at the beginning of "Stare into the Abyss", to which player visits the fetish club in the same mission) if the Luciano is still functional, play may drive it to Infinite 92.
  • Player is escorted through the club, under the guise as Crispin by orders of Quinn.
  • "Poppy" is a "gift" found with the invitation to the auction.
  • It is unknown what happens to Infinite 92 after the mission. It is possible that it may have failed after Joseph DeMarco's incarceration and possible death. If not, then possibly "Lucky" Quinn's death.

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