Mission no.: Act II
Mission 2
Location(s) Quinkie's, Brandon Docks
Conditions of
mission failure
Ray dies
Tobias dies
Preceded by Bait
Followed by Bad Medicine
Ray: "You gotta get your shit together. You don't need these."
Tobias: "I did't need them, Ray, until you turned Blume on me. I HAD my shit together!"
Raymond and Tobias, talking about his pills.

Mission Plot

Mission Objectives

  • Reach the Fixer hideout
  • Investigate the Fixer hideout
  • Access the security control room.
  • Hack the security system.
  • Cover Tobias until he activates the crane.
  • Investigate the ship's torture room.


  • Tobias wields a SG-90 during this mission.

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