Human Traffic is the final Investigation side-mission in Watch Dogs, accessible after completing Act II mission "A Risky Bid". Completing the investigation and its attendant final mission awards an exclusive vehicle and a Achievement/Trophy.


In the city of Chicago, Aiden Pearce will go to the root cause of one of Lucky Quinn's operations to shut it down for good. The mission is a set of side points of interest on the map signified by the outline of a human representing one of the buyers who fled the auction, watching and hacking each buyer will ultimately allow Aiden to track back to the location of briefcase they received listing the other buyers at the auction.

Locating and hacking all ten briefcases will award the Magnate LE, a limited edition version of the more mundane Magnate, as well as unlock the final Human Traffic mission (dealing with Mr DeMarco). Completing this will conclude the investigation and award the player the "Revoking Client Privileges" Achievement/Trophy.


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