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Human Conditions
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General information
Developer(s) Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Release date(s) February 16, 2017 (PS4)
March 23, 2017 (PC, XB1)
Genre(s) expansion for Watch Dogs 2
Protagonist Marcus Holloway
Location San Francisco

Human Conditions is a downloadable content pack for Watch Dogs 2. The DLC includes three new missions, new Elite co-op challenges, and a new enemy type: the Jammer, who will disrupt the player's hacks within a specific radius around him. It was released on February 16, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and on March 23 for Xbox One and PC.


Human Conditions takes place around the same time (this could be during or after the main story missions, according to a Ubisoft Q&A[1]) as the main story of Watch Dogs 2. It introduces new DedSec Operations, new co-op missions, a new enemy type and a new car. In addition, it also introduces new characters, reintroduces an old character, new corporations, a new faction, as well as updating the world map slightly to include new areas and new features. The DLC also adds four achievements/trophies.



Automata deals with Nudle's new self-driving car, the CyruX, which utilizes biometric data as well as CTOS connectivity as both a security measure and to adjust itself to the driver. DedSec immediately sees potential for abuse and moves in right away to expose this fact.

Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine is about ransomware affecting hospitals' computer systems and DedSec's endeavors to stop this. This causes Marcus Holloway to cross paths with Jordi Chin, who teams up with Marcus against the Russian mob.

Caustic Progress

Caustic Progress introduces a new tech corporation, RenSense, who develops nanotechnology. When Marcus learns they are conducting experiments on the homeless, implanting robo-technology into them, he and his DedSec crew form an unusual alliance with Lenni to stop the epidemic of "robo-hobos".

Off The Hook

Off The Hook is another mission added in the DLC.


Watch Dogs 2 - Human Conditions - Launch Trailer

Watch Dogs 2 - Human Conditions - Launch Trailer