Hope is a Sad Thing
Hope is a Sad Thing
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs
Part of story Act 3, Mission 1
Target Raymond Kenney
Unlocked by completing Pawnee CTOS Center
Unlocks A Pit of Paranoia

"Hope is a Sad Thing" is the 31st storyline mission in Watch Dogs, and the first mission of Act III.


After Aiden finds that Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney is in Pawnee, he tracks him and takes his location from a marina. After infiltrating a CTOS Tower, Aiden finds an audio sample that shows Raymond is in Jedediah's Bar. After going there, Aiden drinks with T-Bone (although he doesn't know it's T-Bone), and asks him about Raymond Kenney. Then, T-Bone says to shut his mouth and they start to fight.

The fight ends when T-Bone zaps Aiden with his Taser. Then, when Aiden wakes up at T-Bone's hideout, T-Bone shows him the TV, and says that the fact that Aiden is the vigilante is "not making them the best of friends". Aiden offers a deal to T-Bone, and after T-Bone accepts, he shows Aiden his sculptures. T-Bone says that if Aiden recovers his Taco Van from the Pawnee Militia, they can work together. After Aiden gets T-Bone's truck, he leaves it by the Pawnee Dam and T-Bone agrees to work with Aiden.

Mission objectives

  • Hack the marina computer to find Kenney.
  • Use the Profiler to find the reset code.
  • Enter the new password in the marina computer.
  • Infiltrate the CTOS tower.
  • Activate the station to access data.
  • Look for Ray Kenney at Jed's bar.
  • Follow T-Bone.
  • Activate T-Bone's trap.
  • Follow T-Bone.
  • Steal back T-Bone's truck.
  • Drop off the truck.
  • Kill all militia members or escape


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