"Hold the Line" is the second mission from Act III of Watch Dogs: Bad Blood.


Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney heads to his silo base and learns that Defalt has taken over his system and heads deeper to kill off his henchmen. Later, he defends his center system from the enemies, and after nearly surviving almost getting shot, he heads for Defalt's base, ending the mission.


The Fixer that holds T-Bone and Tobias up in the ending cutscene has a fixed profile: Max Brown, Member of Bedbug's crew, Age: 30, Occupation: Unemployed.

There are multiple cartoon depictions of T-Bone in the basement.

  • One can be seen on a swing near the command center.
  • One can be seen on a bomb with Acid Rain above it.
  • One can be seen watering the flower painted Bad Trip trap.
  • Near every Old Pal trap one can be seen shooting a flaming fish skeleton from their fists.

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