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Hello World
Story Mission
Game Watch Dogs 2
Part of story Mission 1
Unlocks Walk In The Park
Followers Gained 2000
Hostiles Umeni Security Corps
Walkthrough See here
Not to be confused with the trophy/achievement from the first game.
"Consider this your DedSec initiation, Retr0. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bypass Blume's security doors and get inside, then find and erase your personal CTOS profile."
Sitara explaining the mission to Marcus

Hello World is the prologue mission of Watch Dogs 2.


To become part of the DedSec team, Marcus must prove he's worthy by sneaking into the CTOS HQ in southern San Francisco, access the servers and clear his name and criminal record from the internal database, and escape, something no one has ever done before. This way, he can start fresh with a new identity and record. After Marcus pulls it off, he becomes initiated into DedSec and part of the team on the beach near the Golden Gate Bridge, in the Marin.

At this gathering, they all get drunk and Marcus briefly encounters Dušan Nemec, but is too drunk to interpret what is happening. The next day, he wakes up in his apartment in Marin, and Sitara sends him coordinates to the Hackerspace. Marcus heads there and officially meets the gang. He also is introduced to various features including the 3D Printer, where he prints the 4N00bs Pistol and RC Jumper, and gets to know the other members of the team.


Intro 2

The gathering on the beach.

  • This is the introductory mission of Watch Dogs 2.
  • This mission introduces the characters of Marcus, Sitara, Josh, Wrench, and Horatio.
  • In the mission, Sitara says that no one has ever wiped their CTOS profile from the database before Marcus. This is actually untrue, as Raymond Kenney previously wiped his profile from the database during the events of Watch Dogs.
  • In the mission, Sitara tells Marcus that "[his] mission, should [he] choose to accept it, is to break into CTOS HQ". The "should you choose to accept it" part is a direct reference to the Mission: Impossible film series, as that is a popular quote created by and used frequently in the film series.
  • This introductory mission consists of three separate missions played back-to-back. They are not listed in the Dedsec app once it is unlocked.

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